Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Outfitting...a Pictural Post

~Waterfall Necklace~

Is outfitting even a word?
(note to self: my computer says ...yes indeedy,
outfitting is a word, however, indeedy, not so much!)

~Still Life necklace~

Any who, I was purging my inbox of photos & came across these lovely outfits that have been outfitted by some of the local shops I sell at. Thought you birds might like to have a gander @ them while I try my hand @ photographing the *gagillion baubles I whipped up today :)
*slight exaggeration, more like 10 rings, 12 earrings & 4 necklaces

~The Ocean Voyage Necklace~

These first 5 photos were shot by Bryan Miller Photography in conjunction with Catch22 clothing & of course Good Girls Studio jewelry :) I can't find this models name anywhere...pooey (also not a word)

This model needs no name
but I think I'll call her Barbie :)

~Pole Star Lariat~
(I heart this vintage(?) jumpsuit!)

~20,000 Leagues Under the Sea~

~The Governors Wife~

~S is for SuperMom~

Clothing (fantastical vintage & consignment) from
Revolver, jewelry courtesy of you know who ;)
& photography by ?? I know one of them is
Spencer Dempsey, I think the others might have been
shot by the shop owner ??? Help me out here??

Well my birds, I hope you are now able to visualize how my creations can inhance & play dress up with the fashionable wardrobe you already possess :) More pics tomorrow...photoshoot with the Indy for fashionSpark. I'll be playing paparazzi & generally annoying the real photographer ;)



AJ said...

love it all! muah!

Kate said...

Jo, you've been a busy lass! I'm so proud of you!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Yummy! I just love your style!!