Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Friends & Backstabbers !

Look who's baaack...

Yep, you guessed it!

Back by popular demand
~Backstabber No7~
... best of friends ...until you told everyone my secrets.


Old friends, meet new friends!

Good Girls Studio
is now available for your shopping pleasure @ fab'rik in Cameron Village for all you Raleigh/Triangle birds! So if you're out & about shopping head on over there & show a good girl some love :) I'll have pics soon, totally forgot my camera (& part of my brain) when I headed over there!
Hmmm....what else...lots going on over here! Tons of new jewelry to show you (hopefully tomorrow!), cranking it out trying to get ready for the fashion show @ fashionSpark, a photo shoot for our local Indie newspaper for fashionSpark, a hair modeling show for Lux salon that I'm accessorizing with my favorite collaborative BFF Revamp, & a photo shoot working with Blo salon for a hairstyle book(another Revamp partnership)! Crazy nuts! Add in another vintage fashion show for the upcoming Rock & Shop Market in Durham & I may start loosing my hair! Oh, did I mention I'm trying to find a new house for the wee child & I to move into by Oct.!

(I must be insane!)

I'm off to try & relax with a (hopefully good) movie! Perahps a review tomorrow :)

'Nite 'Nite,


Kate said...

Congrats, Jo! I'm so proud!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Love that necklace. I am fascinated by your creativity and that necklace is the perfect "subtle" gift to a backstabber former friend? What a fantastic way to make a perfectly clear statement...LOVE IT!!

Good luck with all of your new ventures and shows. I really adore your work!