Friday, September 11, 2009


Would you birds like a recap of yesterdays
fashionSpark photo shoo
t for the Indy?
Of course you would, off we goooooooo

~There was lots of waiting around~

~Some designers are temperamental & don't like to wait~
(totally kidding here by the way...Zac just wanted a closeup!)

What's that we spy with our little eyes???
Do you see him??? Up there staring??
No? How about a closer shot...

We had a lovely staring contest from across the street!
Love a little voyeurism at a photo shoot!!

Let's begin shall we...~cutest photographer ever~
(sorry gals, he's married!)

Can you spot the moron with the Beavis & Butthead laugh?

(this guy thought he was funny & kept circling,
asking about the models & basically being a
live caricature of a biker!)


: )

One day I will have a house & I would like this to be what you see from the street! Love the old rusty fence with bright leaves growing through! Although it would probably not be as pretty in the winter when the leaves are gone.

Walking by an art gallery/studio space(?)
& what's that I see inside???

Most of the wall covered in watercolors of birds!

& speaking of birds,
check this out....

Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

Amazing isn't it!

Well, enough tweeting from me ;)
I'll be back tomorrow with some actual shots of jewelry!
(you'll have to wait for shots of the models & the runway looks just like everyone else ;)
@ least 'til the paper comes out next week, I wouldn't want t steal Jeremy's thunder ;) hahaha)


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Kate said...

well helloooooo, Zac and the hottie photo dude. Lucky gal, Jo.