Friday, August 28, 2009

A Cinderella Story

A new kind of romance...
The Cinderella Collection
I have (well, had now) an overabundance of vintage pearl necklaces & was quite unsure over what to do with them. My mom suggested making necklaces with them (duh!) but , I complained, I don't make pearl necklaces! Apparently I do!

Mothers always know don't they!
{They're sneaky like that}

The pearl necklaces may be worn with the vintage charms hanging forward or (What I love, love, love about them) they can be worn in the back! That way, from the front it looks like you're wearing a simple, lovely strand of pearls but then there's a sneak attack from behind with the whimsical baubles trailing down your back!!

~A Cinderella Story~
...looking up at her eyes as he slid the slipper upon her foot
..."will you marry me?" he pleaded

This romantic engagement got thrown into the collection too
because what's a Cinderella collection without a fairytale!
(she's available here)

Do you think that perhaps one day I'll fall in love again & all the romance will leave my designs? They'll become careful, a bit cynical and somber or perhaps they will become even more over the top & sickly sweet with my being in love with being in love!

These are the things I wonder as I drift off to sleep.
Especially if I've been watching this!!
{I heart Amy Adams & Patrick Dempsey}

My most favorite song....

My niece & I sing this song to each other!
ahhh ahhh ahhh...ahh ahh ahh : )

Wishing you birds true love & happiness,

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Sunny Rising Leather said...

Well aren't those necklaces just lovely lovely lovely!

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