Wednesday, June 3, 2009

She's Crafty...She's Just My Type

I was browsing Etsy for a vendor/craft apron last night when it occurred to me that I could probably make one & save myself some cash (yes, I'm one of those people {teeheehee}).

~Vintage strawberry pincushion courtesy of
my late Grandma Marini (aka Mama Lou)~

Of course I spent today making one out of all sorts of vintage goodies...'twas soo much fun (Aside from the constant breaking of the thread from using the wrong kind & the breaking of the needle too....ooops!) !
~Vintage hankies turned into pockets~

~Sew on Sewer~

~Playing with the layout~

This should have taken about an hour but because of all the "oops" stated above it took more like might have helped if I had actually eaten something for breakfast & lunch!

Can you see the little vintage rhinestone "J" brooch on the first hankie?
The middle one has a vintage crochet doily adorned w/handmade (by moi) silk rosettes.

~Taa daaa~
There are perfect spots for my receipt book, calculator, business cards, credit card slips & organza pouches the purchases get given in!
Loooove it!

Lots of crafty events coming up so mark your calenders my dears!
June 13: Downtown Live
(the craft area is new this year)
June 20: The Rock & Shop Market
June 27: Downtown Live
July 11: Downtown Live
August 9th: tentative trunk show @ Blo Hair Salon
Several other trunk shows & even a fashion show in the works so stay tuned : )

Bon Soir my birdlings,

For all you crafters out there:
The base of the apron is the back shirttails of a vintage oxford shirt.
The main 2 large pockets are random striped fabric I had laying around.
For the hankies, I cut them in half & then sewed them into little pillows & then stitched that onto the main pocket.
The tie is grosgrain ribbon I had leftover from my retail days.


sonya said...

oh, i love it!!! now i want one.

AnniePat said...

very niiiiice!

Good Girls Studio said...

Thanks ladies! I can't really take all the credit...Theresa helped a bit too :)

Kate said...

Umm, yeah, love it!