Monday, June 8, 2009

The Flowers Are Back!!!

I've been going through flower deprivation & finally got my fix! This batch was quite divine in all it's limoncello hues with a hint of lime, especially paired up with the copper...very little house on the prairie'esque ; )

~Still Life No6~
(available here)

The next batch was bursting full of bluebells
...periwinkle & lavender mixed up with shiny brass!
Plumage got a face lift with the addition of vintage rose links trailing up the side from a deconstructed necklace. She's all dressed up now for a night on the town!
~Plumage No5~
(available here)
...he was always such a show off,
strutting around showing off his fine feathers for the ladies.

oooh... speaking of fine feathers...

Tyler was having a crafty bit of a weekend, painting me this birdhouse. You can't tell in the picture but all around the roof it says "I luv you mom, you are specol"...I'm guessing that means I'm special :)
He also painted this picture of us (that would be me on the right with the big mouth {haha}) & the big pterodactyl in the sky is actually a baby bird :) ! We are a bit bird obsessed as of late mostly due to there being a tiny wren nest filled with 3 perfectly adorable eggs in my mom's secret garden (as if I need an excuse to be obessed with birds!). I was bent down peering into the nest (which is shaped more like cave then a traditional round flatish nest) when all of a sudden an eyeball opened up to peer right back at me! As I wasn't expecting momma bird to be in there I did what any sensible adult mother would do....I screamed so loud that everyone came running out to see what the commotion was all about...Including mommma bird!! She flew right out the nest & right by my still screaming & stunned face, which in turn made me about pee my pants! Hilarious :) Poor momma bird, I do hope I didn't scare her away for good!

This bird decided to fly the coop as well....
~Flew The Coop No6~
(available here)
..she left home to chase after her dream of living in green house & becoming a florist.

Well my birdlings, I'm exhausted after spending the better half of the day with Tyler at the pool. I've also been up to work on a top secretish new line of revamped vintage baubles (more on this later) . I'm also still trying to whip up earrings & a few smaller pieces for this weeks Downtown Live event.

If you're in the area come out & see me this Saturday. I'm sharing a both with Jamie of Revamp so a good time is pretty much guaranteed regardless of the turnout! Hopefully I'll be able to take better pics at this event for the 'ol blogling! This week is kind of crazy but I'm hoping to pop in here later with some pics ofthe new line...

'till then,

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Kate said...

They're all so lovely, Jo. now stop making such great stuff!