Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ms Scarlet in the Library w/The Pocketknife

~Looking For Love~
She spent hours in the library looking for love in the pages of old dusty romance novels...never looking up to notice the eyes of her admirers.

Now in the shop along with the latest Backstabber!

~Backstabber No4~
A Prequel : ) Where it all began!

RebusFest was a blast! I met some amazing people, had yummy tacos, got sunburned & listened to some great music! My friends Theresa came out with to help...
(Theresa was a good slave!)
My pictures from Sunday are all terrible! At first I was in the shade so I gave my tent to a not so luckily shaded gal (Ronnie's Wrist Records) but then the sun moved & BAM! Hot as hell jewelry! Seriously, you couldn't even touch it to try anything on it was sooo hot! I was an Indian giver (hahaha...sorry I'm soo not PC! I also still sit Indian style (ha) What's up with that criss cross applesauce crap they're teaching kids instead of Indian style??) Anyways...I made her give the tent back. I did share it with her though & we became the best of buds :)

A little cuteness to brighten your day!
(or make you cry like a baby becuase you miss your adorable neice!)

Happy Tuesday birdlings,

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