Friday, May 29, 2009

School's Out For Summer!!!

Tyler is officially done with 1st grade!
Wow...seems like just yesterday he was going to PreK!!
We spent most of Thurs. at his end of the year party playing outside done Thurs. = 0

My sister, her 3 kids & My brother all came into town this week :)
Unfortunately it has been very rainy all week!
While suckish for the kids, it did make for some pretty pictures of my parents gardens!

~my dad's roses~

~I {heart} this flower~


Since we were all trapped like rats in my parents house we decided to take
our traditional trip to Chuck E Cheese with the kiddos (aka bacteria wonderland)!
I think we may have caught a case of the Swine Flu!!
Just kidding!!!
{ although Tyler does smell strangely of bacon ; ) }
Work done = 0

This is what really went on all week ;)

Work done =zilch!

I have the RebusFest this Sunday as it was rescheduled due to rain on the 17th! Let's all pray for no rain because I sure would like to have some fun listening to bands & hanging out with my friends!
If you're in the Triangle area come on out & support local bands & artists!
~May 31st from 1-6~


Everyon is leaving Sunday so perhaps I'll get some work done Mon.!
Does blogging count as work?? ;)


Kate said...

Oh man, I so want to play in that hamster wheel thingy.

Good Girls Studio said...

Me too! They wouldn't let me though : ( hmm...something about a weight limit hahahah!