Monday, April 13, 2009

Greetings From...

psst....I'm back, did you miss me !?!

Can you tell where I've been hiding out??
Would you like a better clue??
Yes, my birds, we indeed went over to the coast for a bit of R&R with my parents.
Holy guacamole was it windy & cold the day we actually went to the beach

(mom & I getting blown to bits on the ferry)
(I could listen to the crash & roar of the waves all day)

(Tyler loved the wind, Grandma, not so much!)

Sand castles were built, cheeks were sunburned (or perhaps that was windburn?) & fun was had by all. On our way over to the beach we stopped in the town of Beaufort for lunch & some antiquing (loads of antique shopping on this trip but that is for another post, still sneezing from all the vintage dust!). There is an island there that you can see that has a breed of wild horses on it. I've caught a glimpse of them once or twice before but my mom who has been coming here since she was probably Tyler's age has never seen them. She's telling Tyler about it & is about to mention how "supposedly " there are these horses ...when what appears...horses! Plural!
See that island they are looking at??
(umm...we should have brought binoculars!)

See the to the right of the boat?
(My camera rocks!)
A Wild Horse!

I do believe , I do believe! :)

Did you birds have a Happy Easter?
Tyler ate his body weight in chocolate bunny ears before church (of course)!
The Easter Bunny (aka grandma) even brought me something....

~Peeps with their Peeps~
2 of my favorite things, vintage birds (in this case S&P shakers!)
& marshmallow sugar covered birds! What more could a girl want!?! :)

~Happy Belated Easter! ~
He's still risen so it's all good even if I am late with my good tidings & cheer :)

...oh, speaking of Easter have you seen my Resurrection Necklace?
I have had quite the cross obsession as of late!

I have soo much more to show you & tell you about.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to walk you around the golf course & over to the riverbanks :)
Oh & the treasures my mom & I collected at the antique malls! Sooo many pictures I still have to take of them all! & I'm getting ready for the Art Walk this weekend. I'm a bit overwhelmed even thinking about creating new designs {phew} I may need another "studio" just to store all my goodies!

Time to rest my crazed head inside a dream...
'Nite 'Nite,

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