Monday, March 2, 2009

Winter Wonderland'ish

~Frozen Bird Bath~
It snowed last night {squeals} & Tyler & I quickly bundled up , grabbed the baking sheets & camera & took off for the great outdoors!

~Bird Brain~

~Don't Eat the Berries~

I had way too much fun doctoring these pics up!

~Bundled up~

Batman at his best ;)


In other excitement ....
I snuck another Spring Necklace into the shop
tonight as well as a pair of earrings.
~Unlocked Love~
...he held the key to her heart & the garden ; )

Did you birdlings have a fun weekend? We laid low playing games at friends houses & watching movies with the fam. Even threw in a sleepover snow party at the parents place! I have lots of tricks up my sleeve so stay tuned this week for some fun announcements!


Penny said...

That's such a perfect little key!

Kate said...

Looks and sounds like fun! Is that a bluebird on the feeder??? I've never seen one in person.

Good Girls Studio said...

Not sure if it's a blue bird or not?? It's underbelly is this beautiful copper shade! TWeet ;)

Thank you Penny!