Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Treasure Huntress

I did a little treasure hunting this
afternoon & scored a mother load of goodies!

I bought a big 'ol grab bag of "junk"
& it had the craziest clip-on earrings !
Look at these honkers!! :)

I feel like if I swing my head in a dance like motion that they might fly off & pummel a poor innocent bystander (namely the boy!) !! & oddly ...I look like an Irish Setter in this pic! (Is that the dog with the long pointy nose??)

I found these pretty white enameled dogwood earrings but I think I may just keep them & wear them for spring.
(no idea why the fish face in this one!)

I decided to sell the goodies off in bundles of whatever struck as me as a group

For example....
~White on white~
there's a brass grouping & silver ...
should be up in the shop tomorrow'ish!

the best find if the day....

These little Finches have soo much detail & texture to them! Can't wait to hang them up!


That other news worthy news I hinted at is this...
I'm having a professional photographer do a model shoot with my jewelry !! Finally some quality promo shots :) Yipppeee! She's based in Tampa & I'm hoping to be able go down for the shoot & catch some beach time & hang out with my fam & friends! Very excited! I met her while I was in Tampa this past fall for my trunk shows.

That's my excitement for the day birds! It is waaayyyy past my bedtime I must go get some beauty sleep ...but I'll be back tomorrow with pics of some new goodies that I shall list soon enough.

Nite Nite,


Kate said...

Damn, I keep forgetting to send you that box of mystery junk I have here. Someday I'll actually leave the house with my head intact and the box under my arm.

Good Girls Studio said...

I thought you changed your mind & decided to keep it for yourself :)

Kate said...

Nope, it's all yours.

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