Friday, March 20, 2009

Tiny Dancer

~Tiny Dancer~
...ballerina,dancing among the flowers,
happy just to be in the garden instead of stuck on that darkened stage.
(Available here)

It reminds me the song of the same name by Elton John

The best thing about this song is how often it is misheard or just sung with the wrong lyrics. My mom & I used to die laughing singing "hold me closer Tony Danza" :) You can find loads more right here! Just type in a song name or artist & see all the crazy things people hear instead of the actual lyrics . Apparently I don't really know the words to most songs I sing. I've been singing Michael Jacksons "Don't Stop till You Get Enough" as "get on to the post office" & now whenever T & I go to the PO we BOTH sing "to the post office, don't stop till you get enough " !

130 pictures edited later (my butt literally fell asleep while I edited them, perhaps I should invest in a new chair!) ...

~Till Death Do Us Part~
This is a super special addition to the Looking Glass Collection,
I {heart} the vintage Timex watch!

~Fresh Picked No7~

~Flew The Coop No4~

Not sure if I'm going to list this fruity bunch or not. The 3 (starting from the right) are vintage glass leaves & handmade lampwork fruit beads from Brazil. I just don't think they fit with my shop. I might just hold onto them 'till the next trunk show. Any thoughts on this??

...ok my birdlings, there is tons more pics to share but I'm super pooped! My poor punkin is still dreadfully ill & I must pump him full of medicine, kiss his aches away & put him to bed.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,


Kate said...

You're killing me, Smalls!

Love the new bird stuff. But admit it, you knew i would. damn!

Good Girls Studio said...

Did you just cal me smalls :) Of course you love it ....there's mucho more in the shop ;)