Friday, March 20, 2009

GreenEarthJourney Press

Hyla over at GreenEarthJourney did an interview with little 'ol me!
Check it out & enter to win a pair of my these earrings !

(Shipping to US only for the giveaway, sorry!)!

I've been getting a bit of press with the Eco angle of my line. The local weekly Indy newspaper is doing a an eco-fashion spread coming up & is using a few pieces of my jewelry for that! (I'm sort of holding my breathe, I'll believe it when I see it on this ;) I did drop off the goods this week so we'll will be posted when the issue comes out.) & Liz & I are having a "Green" theme trunk show in May, hopefully with Revamp (a local designer who works with vintage clothes) & possibly a reuse artist. Fun Fun!! The DAW is also featuring Green Designers & I'm involved in that as well. Lots going on my feathered friends.

I have about 100 photos to edit & then I'll try & squeak out another post with the new jewelry. We'll see...T is home sick with a fever & cough & he's a very active sick & does not lay about all weak & sickly watching tv . He wants constant companionship & is full of pay attention to me'ness! ...Yes, he does take after me! : )


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