Monday, March 16, 2009

Coming Soon

A post & run as I get ready to be the Featured Business Woman at a luncheon tomorrow where I have to put on a little fashion show! (Oh crappers it's almost 11PM & I'm still not ready!! Beauty Sleep would be helpful too! )

Where was I ....oh yes, coming soon....

~Make a Wish~

( I {heart} these new lockety necklaces)

~It Isn't Chance~

Why yes those are birds in the corner of the locket ; )

I have lots more to post but it will have to wait. My bed is calling me & I'm still trying to think up witty things to say at this luncheon tomorrow. {le sigh} I'm tired but in a good soo many awesome things are going on & I'm busy busy busy sort of way. Will share tomorrow!
'till then,


Kate said...

How did it go, Ms. Featured Business Woman???

Good Girls Studio said...

fan flip'n tastical : ) I think I shall rename my blog "Ms. Featured Business Woman" :)

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