Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Beautiful Friendship

For all you local birds you may now find my jewelry at Revolver over on Glenwood! Liz has a great collection of consignment designer clothes (check out her huge jeans section!) as well as handmade local jewelry & hair accessories. We'll be having a trunk show in the neat future so check back for more info on that. Also, if you were looking for some of my newer pieces you might head on over there because she snatched up quite a bit :)

Are you feathered friends having a lovely weekend? We are buried under blankets inside watching the rain pour non stop since Friday. Perfect napping weather...if you don't happen to have a hyper 7 yr old boy wanting to be entertained & you happened to have shut off the cable so he has no TV to watch & you also grounded him from the computer because he wrote on the screen with pencil! {sigh}

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