Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Knockabout Newness

For all you local Raleigh Triangle birds you can now find Good Girls Studio jewelry @ Knockabout Gallery downtown in the historic City Market area. Stop on by & say "Hi" to Michelle (she's the besties!) & while you're at it check out her Peculiar Pets stuffed animals (they are quite fantastical!) !

With the addition of the new retail locations I've suddenly gotten very low in my supply of goodies (in case you hadn't noticed the sudden depletion of most of the shop!)
Hopefully I'll be uber creative these next few days & get some new designs ideas out of my head & into existence!

Here's a newbie that will be in the shop later today...

~The Belt Bandit~
...she was well aware that clothes really do make the man, but whatever would he do with nothing to hold up his pants!
... perhaps accessories make the woman

Vintage belt deconstructed & repurposed into a lariat necklace with the addition of some chain & vintage glass pearls.


one last wee announcement...

This young man.... 2 A's & 4 B's on his report card with an improvement in every subject!
Hooray for my boy! :)

Off to work my fingers to the bones (who I am's nap time!) !
'till next time,

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