Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Initially (pun intended) I planned on listing the letters first but the more I sorted through them the more ideas for them kept floating out of that brain of mine & forcing themselves into existence.! are the beginnings of a beautiful friendship between myself & the alphabet : )

J is for Johanna ~
(y'all knew the first one I had to keep for myself!)

Rock'n it :)
Can you keep a secret???
I feel kind of like a super heroine whilst wearing it !

T is for Theresa, Tracy, Terry... Terrific :)

I have few more goodies up my sleeve but company is on the way & the only show & tell time I have left is going towards these silly pics Tyler took of me earlier while I was perusing Facebook
Which reminds me, I have a page for Good Girls Studio over there, check it out & be my fan :)

Soo Serious!

This would be my
"Tyler I said to knock it off & put down my camera!" face :)
I can be soo stern can't I !?!

How about I leave you birds with a smile all photoshopped up !



That is my most favorite hat, it is the most perfect shade of hazely-olive green that matches my eyes almost perfectly! It also is freezing in my apt. & I'm out of firewood so not only is it super cute , it keeps my head warm :)

Both cuffs are up for grabs right here and here!


Kate said...

Ummm, yeah...and where might the "K" be?

Good Girls Studio said...

I'm actually making a "K" necklace right now! Well, it's more like pick your letter & I'll finish it & mail to you but the letter I have out is a "K". I'm waiting on more cuffs to come in the mail so necklaces it is :)

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