Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Big Apple

~New York Neeew Yoooooooork~
(you have to sing it)

Vintage 1920's repurposed NY brooch.
Up for grabs in the shop for all you Yankee birds :)

Side note...
My apt is freezing & won't get above 65 degrees {shivers uncontrollably}
I am currently wearing a tank top, Abbey Road Beetles long sleeve t (Gap Kids), wool (Anthro) sweater w/the hood on, gloves (which is making typing rather tricky) , jeans & the stink'n cutest pair of striped mary jane looking socks (Target). My nose is cold & I may need to put on shoes but I feel weird walking around my own place with shoes on. Maybe I'll add another pair of socks but I'd hate to cover them up because they make me smile whenever I look down :)

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