Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Teach On Teacher

Apparently I'm a teacher...I know, it's hard to believe. (especially since I have such a hard time even helping the boy with his homework which usually ends with tears & wine) (I feel I need to clarify that the wine is mine & the tears are Tylers! )

Where was I?? Oh yes, I teach. I've been teaching the pre-k Sunday school class where I attend church (how I can control 26 3-4yr olds & not my own mid size child I have not a clue!) & never thought of myself as a teacher until recently. One of my dear squishy children kept calling "teacher, teacher TEACHER!!!" ... I didn't realize he was referring to me until he lunged at me as he hopped up & down bouncing from one leg to the other (we barely made it to the potty in time!).

My newest venture into teacherdom is as a jewelry design teacher {does backflips in excitement}! I gave my first lesson last Saturday to a friend who happens to be an amazingly talented painter (you can find her work here). She asked me how to make glass pendants & solder & before I knew it I had invited her over for a workshop. We had loads of fun making pendants out of Mexican bingo cards & followed the lesson up with Mexican food!Chili Relennos are Yummy!


~Mexican Bingo cards~

~The Prickly Woman~
El Nopal means cactus :)

Thanks for the love from the Valentine Post! That necklace was snatched up so quick I decided I needed to make some more lovely necklaces....
~Vintage brass bird & heart locket ~

I'm hoping to get these (there's 2) in the shop tomorrow morning.

Are you enjoying your week so far? I'm feeling particularly loved... I have a lunch date with a friend tomorrow & just had another bird drop by to bring me enough chili to feed a small army (or flock :) hehehee )! It's been rainy & dreary here today (so glad I bought that light box/tent thingy) I just want to snuggle up with the boy & go to sleep. Stay warm & sleep tight!

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