Thursday, January 29, 2009

Frozen In Time

~Frozen In Time~
...when they were together it was as if time
stood still while their love grew and blossomed.

I've been quite the busy bird this week! Making new designs,
packing up orders (I love it when I show new jewelry & it never even makes it into the shop!), spending time with friends & cooking with my mom (curry tofu= yummy!). I even had a little surprise press today!
This bracelet made it into a Valentines Day Gift Guide over at!
You can check out the guide right here!

****Don't forget I'm having a Gift With Purchase in the shop through Valentines Day! Enter IHeartU in the message to seller upon checking out to receive your surprise gift. I've sent out a few & I'll let in you on a secret...the customers didn't put the sale code! But I felt badly that if perhaps they forgot or saw the giveaway afterwards & then were dissappointed when they opened it up & I didn't want any sad faces so I sent them on with the packages, perhaps it will just be a complete surprise after all! Or perhaps I over think things entirely way too much!?!
What have you birldings been up to? Is the sun shining on you? It finally stopped raining here & from my window it almost looks like spring outside...until of course I step outside & breathe in the cold air & rush back in to bundle up :)

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