Monday, January 19, 2009

Restless Wristlets

Tyler can't say wristlet... always comes out restless
{this makes me giggle}

Speaking of wristlets, my dearest friend Theresa was over on Friday whipping up new pillow covers for me & we had little strips of fabric left over...whatever shall we do with them we pondered!?! Remembering an article in Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine from winter I ran to my treasure chest of buttons & goodies & whipped up these...

~~Would you like a close up of some details???~~

{vintage button & silver flutterby}
{verdigris copper filigree }
**My favorite**
scraps of vintage crochet & a lost & found key

The idea for cuff (I mean wristlets) came from the fabulous Lisa Guerin. She has a delightful little blog right here that you might peruse. If it's still around you should grab a copy of the magazine because there's lots of eye candy in it (not men eye candy, jewelry! Now get your minds out of the gutter!)

It's supposed to snow tonight & I'm hoping for a snow day for the boy tomorrow!
Soo excited if I can sleep in again & wake up to throwing snow balls ! Fun!
What are you birds up to on this cold winter day??

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Kate said...

I love these, but I have giant sausage wrists and I try not to draw attention to them. Bummer.