Thursday, November 20, 2008

Reformed...Vintage Goodness

~Reform School Dropout~
...after 7 long years she couldn't take it any more & dropped out!
(at least that's what she told her friends...she really went back & took night classes to finish up her studies.)
Better pics coming when I return! This vintage pin says Reform School
at the top & then each ladder hanging down has a year on it! Loooove it!
I'm thinking it's a Catholic thing because there's a cross on the back.


One more snippet before "I'm leave'n , on a jet plane "!
(I love that song!)
~No Name Yet~
Something about a pirate & his treasure & lost love.
Anyone have story for me??

The little dangles have a tinkering sound when they sway back & forth. Like an ocean lullaby....ohhhh maybe that's her name! What do you birds think??
~The Pirates Lullaby~
Let's vote shall we!

ok, I'm outta here for real this time!
Still not packed & my plane leaves
in 2 hours! hmmm...I should
probably shower too! The other
would be grateful :)

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Kate said...

Happy trails! Travel safe! And remember, if a stranger stops you in the airport and asks you to take his bag, JUST SAY NO!