Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaack

Actually, I've been back, but have scrambling to get work done for the upcoming holidays. A few boring pics of the party (the paparazzi ones are being emailed to me once they finish getting edited) & some newly photographed goodies to share. Let's share shall we....

~Falling Down~
Vintage 1960's Repurposed Brooch Necklace


Cuff Land
...wherein vintage brooches & trim find new life

I had a great trip! Hung out with some old friends & met a lot of new ones. While it wasn't the most profitable thing I've done, the networking & marketing is already paying off! Hits to my website have been doubled (yesterday quadrupled!...thanks P) & I have commissioned orders in the works! Yippeee! The next few weeks will be a little bit nuts with upcoming trunk shows & markets...I'm excited & working my creative juices 'till they dry up :) There's already a ton of new goodies here & here!

Did you birdlings have a relaxing weekend??? I know this bird has some awesome news to share! (Could mean lots of business for both of us!) Anyone else???


Kate said...

Oprah sucks.

Good Girls Studio said...

why is that my dear?

Kate said...

NO mention whatsoever about Troy on that show. It built up a tremendous amount of hype around here, but with no follow through. Big time bummer!

Good Girls Studio said...

that's suckish! Sorry!

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