Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Flight of The Conchords...Purple Grape Fall Jewelry

Whoohooo I finally accomplished something!
A new fall collection of jewelry for Relinquished.
~~Yummy hues of raspberries & concord grapes~~

Speaking of Conc(h)ords...have a laugh courtesy of Bowie & the Conchords!

They always cheer me up & boy did I need some cheering up today!
Some dear friends of mine are leaving tomorrow for missionary work with orphans in Panama & I had to say Good Bye to them this afternoon :(

Close Ups of the newbies...
I expect them to be in the shop by tomorrow afternoon.

~Contrasting Rings Necklace~
I love the glossy lavender against the matte raspberry! I made myself one & I couldn't stop sliding the rings back & forth around the chain...It's sooo addicting!

~ Candy Cane Swirl Bracelet~


...A redeeming picture of me to counteract the scary sewing one from the last post :)
(did you notice the new avatar too!)

I feel a bloggy giveaway coming in the very near future.
I'll let you cheeky birds know once I figure out the rules & regulations!!
ohhhh the suspense ;)


sara girlscantell said...

the colors in the first two photos are gorgeous! so pretty and autumnal!

Bobbypin Bandit said...

That Bowie episode is the reason I even started watching Flight of the Concords!!! I love it. I love the color on this jewelry you have. That pink and purple tone remind me of an AZ sunset.