Thursday, October 2, 2008

Knuckle Sandwich and A Bloggy Giveaway

~ Effeminate Knuckle Sandwich~

Is this too much? You'd tell me if it was gaudy right!?!

I'm thinking about adding these happy rings to the shop.
Unfortunately I'm having a hard time parting with them
& have managed to give away about as many as I've sold.
Plus the pics aren't turning out so well...they keep looking all goobery!
& I assure you no goobers were involved in the making of these rings !


On to the Giveaway...

I was thinking that since I randomly give these rings away to friends to cheer them up then I ought to cheer up my blog friends as well! I was going to have you leave me comments about why you needed cheering up but then I thought that sounded rather gloomy...sooooo... instead tell me a tale about your best, most fun & cherished day or moment(s)!

I have lots of best days because I have the best most sweetest boy on the face of the planet (yes, I'm biased!)! They all involve sleeping in & cuddle puddles & creative juices flowing in the right directions & delicious meals made together with my mom!
Can't wait to find out your best times!

...I'll pick a winner next Friday!


Kate said...

First of all, those rings are AMAZING!!! Very nicely done.

Secondly, as far as a best day goes, I have lots of them. Most recently, though, was the day I watched my niece Lola being born. As you know, Jo, I'm not big on kids, but watching that little peanut take a look around at the world will stick with me forever. And, to top it all off, my sister, who I thought would be a big whiner was so strong and tough. Very impressive.

quitecontrary1977 said...

Not gaudy! They simply rock!
I've had a lot of really grand moments.The babies being born thing is amazing.I'm not a sappy person, but when my daughter was born, she was so gorgeous, it took my breath away. She wasn't purple or slimey. She had a black hair,porcelain skin and ruby lips.It was almost supernatural!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet idea! I hopped over from the Black Apple blog... I'm always happy to find new and interesting blogs to read and see some fantastic ideas. Your knuckle sandwich is fantastic, not gaudy at all.

Cheering up people on a bad day is a GOOD idea! I am sad these days because my father is very sick, but I won't dwell on that. I will tell you a happy memory of travelling with my dad when I was about 23 and in grad school. He took me on a trip to help collect data for my thesis. He was so fun, so helpful, so supportive - we had a great day in Baraboo, Wisconsin and he just sat and took in the beauty of the environment around him. I sat beside him, and said he could sit there forever. I hope that day in my heart forever!

Cheers to you - and thanks for reminding me to think of something happy!

xoxo Jen White

Distressing Delilah said...

Speaking of dads'...I will tell you about a most cherished moment...or dream. My dad passed away when he was just 35, I was 16. That winter I had a dream he was waiting downstairs for me on Christmas, sitting in a chair in our living room. I went down to him and was so happy to see him again...and of course gave him the biggest hug ever. I have always felt like that dream was a special gift from god..or my dad. I got to see again..if only in a dream! So while it may sounds sad, I was happy when I woke up that morning.