Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sew on Sewer...Sing on Singer

Lovely pic of me eating/slicking up some thread
to try & thread the gosh darn sewing machine!
(I need a haircut in the worst way...& oh my h*ll are those neck wrinkles!?)


My dear friend Theresa came over & "reminded" me how to thread the sewing machine which has been sitting forlornly in my Closet of Forlornness for at least 2 years.

Thus far I have: made her daughter a dress ( & by made I mean stitched a seam on pretty much off the bolt ready made dress fabric), embellished a tank top with vintage crochet, embellished a black tee with vintage lace (pics are coming if I can ever remember to photograph them during the daylight), rethreaded the machine 12 million times because I apparently put the pedal to the medal like when I drive (this must be the equivalent to my needing to replace my front tires waayy too often!), stabbed my finger repeatedly with needles & fixed one Webkin!

~ He's recovering quite nicely from his surgery~


In other news....

I've been rather absent on the Blogging front (aside from press, press & more press) lately.

Reason #1: t the IRS has decided that they never received the incorporation paperwork my attorney sent in last year. (yes this is very special!) & to make this even more fun I got to redo my taxes from last year since they wouldn't accept them! hip hip hooray!

Reason #2: I don't think I've mentioned this but I was let go from my (other/paying the bills) full time job last month. I've spent awhile looking for a job but I really feel that I'm supposed to be running this business full time. In lieu of that I've been maniacally jumping up & down with joy that I'm staying home with the boy & subsequently depressed & freaking out about paying the bills! (it's so fun to be me!)

Reason #3: All this up & down funness has left me bereft of any creativity.

All that being said, all is well! We shall over come!
Change really is for the better & I can't wait to see what the other side of all this looks like!
I Am Woman Hear Me Roar :)

...well cheeky birds this is the longest post ever & I'm actually working on some jewelry for the shop...hopefully I'll have some pics to show tomorrow!


Kate said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you, woman! Things will work out, I'm sure! Oh, and as someone who used to sell bras for a living and who witnessed nothing but lack of proper support, I hope you're wearing a decent bra with all of that up and down bouncing you've been doing. Just kidding.

Good Girls Studio said...

Kate... I'm off to put on the sports bra :) & I totally snorted crystal light up my nose when I read that :)