Friday, September 19, 2008

BFF's and Layered Necklaces

~Friends Forever~
A grown up BFF's charm necklace.

...Minnie and Fern had been friends for so long
even their dogs were beginning to look alike!

Even cuter layered with an as yet
unnamed vintage luxe little number!!


I've been missing my friends down south something fierce these past few weeks...somehow the phone calls & emails don't replace the hugs & love from actually being in the same room (let alone the same state!)! While I love it here & have made some amazing friends it's still just not the same as being around those dear birds you have known since the '80's & who still love you regardless of the bad hairdo's of days gone by!

Hope this weekend finds you reconnecting with friends from the past & cherishing all those past & present who put up with your crap & love you anyway :)


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