Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories & A Book Mobile Necklace

~Lily of the Valley~
Vintage 24K pendant w/Onyx asymmetrical briolettes happy among the flowers!

I "borrowed" this sweet vintage bedtime story book from my mom
Don't tell! She'll never know it was gone once I put it back!
She used to read these (there's a lengthy series of them) to my brother, sister & I when we were little & I thought I'd read some stories to T but I also thought that it would make a brilliant warm backdrop to my new fall goodies.

If you've never heard of Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories you have missed out my friends. They are chock full of children's short stories with moral lessons. Growing up I never realized the religious viewpoints or the devotionals in the back, not sure if that's because religion was already such a big piece of our lives or if I was just dense! The stories are sweet & the old pictures charming...can't wait to share this with my sweet boy!
(except he can't touch it, because it's old, & my mom will probably kill me if something happens to it...actually, if you don't hear from me in awhile, call the cops...& the book mobile!)

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