Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bobbi Pin Bandit

In an attempt to a mask my desperate need for a haircut
whilst I'm debating growing it back out.....

~~vintage earrings remade into Bobby Pins~~

~~vintage Holly Hobby cabs~~

~~& last but not least some whimsical filigree ~~

No idea what to do about the hair situation!
Currently looks like I may be growing a mullet!
Maybe I'll post pics later if I'm feeling brave :)


Kate said...

Ooooooh! Tsk tsk! I'm in the same boat right now so I feel your pain. I'm desperate to grow it out, but I also want to chop it off. MUST. STAY. STRONG. said...

HAHHA!! My sis's blog is called Bobby Pin Bandit ;) Too fun!! I LOVE these!! I'll have , all of them, eeesh, so greeeedy ;) ;-)

Amanda said...

Those bobby pins are super cute!!!