Saturday, August 2, 2008


This necklace is for Dame E. aka Turtlemamma...Her father passed away recently & she wanted me to make something out of the charms from his rosaries . I love doing custom orders, especially when I can turn heirloom pieces into something modern & wearable. I'm really pleased w/the way it turned out & I hope she likes it!


I've been into making rings lately. I had on a stack of these the other night & got a request for some. The one on my ring finger has tiny jingle bells that make a sweet tinkling :) I made a ton ...should I add some to the shop????

Hope you cheeky monkees are having a lovely weekend!
The boy survived an overnight camping in,
yeah, I was little nervous
but he came back safe & sound
...& very smelly!


Kate said...

Definitely add the rings to the shop. So cute!!!

Amanda said...

That necklace is very cool! And why not add some rings to the shop? What could it hurt? :)

Murray said...

Love the rings, you must add them!

What a lovely necklace, such a wonderful keepsake. It turned out beautifully, I'm sure she'll adore it.