Sunday, February 10, 2008

Vintage Inspired Jewelry

I was ever so inspired by the latest issue of Country Living! They featured some of the most amazing jewelry designers & vintage lovelies...I rushed off to the studio (ahem...dining room!) to create some new pretties for the shop w/all the vintage happiness I unearthed at the flea market last week!

A new yellow lampwork birdie wired to a lovely
Sarah Coventry enameled brooch & some white enameled vintage chain!
...ohhhh where to begin??? Vintage brooch w/lovely sparkling aurora Borealis crystals, a yellowish pinkish Quartz stone & a circle of wheat hued FWP & some more of my favorite vintage white enameled chain!

Yummy vintage yellow crystals & the wheat FWP on 14K French wires.

....& last but not least a simple white enameled vintage pendant w/navy enameled vintage bar chain & a lovely vintage filigree piece I turned into a clasp.

Ohh the vintage happiness! One thing I really found inspiring was that the article featured another Etsy artist...t8designs who creates some fabulous pieces! There is such a diverse group of designers all over the country repurposing vintage baubles & they all turn out w/such a unique twist! I never realized this style of jewelry has such a large market!

What were you cheeky monkees up to this weekend?? ...aside from loving on vintage baubles I've been loving on some Zicam! Man that stuff makes me nutty if I'm not in a poopy enough mood being sick, I turn into a psycho woman on a cleaning binge! Wipe snot w/one hand & clorox w/the other....thought I'd leave you w/a nice visual!


Kate said...

Your work is so lovely. I'm planning my next order already...

Sarah Jane said...

I just found your blog on Belle and boo's comments. LOVE your jewlery! Great work, and great blog!