Sunday, February 3, 2008

Score !

It was a beautiful day out Sat. so my mom & I hit the flea market
& we both scored big time!Lots of vintage bits & baubles! My personal faves....

I love this cameo..she looks smug sitting there dont' ya think???

...& this vintage brass stamping!
Loooove it! She is such a snob, all prim & proper!

I haven't had a mom & me date in quite awhile so we were much overdue! Mom scored a 100 yr old table from England that fits just perfectly in her kitchen...& I also picked up some objects for the bird nerd in me! The stink'n cutest vanity mirror w/a little chirper on top & a matching jewelery hanger (neither of which would photograph well!) & the best score ever...a white heavy metal chalk board w/a bird on top (damn that photographer forgot to take her pic!). It looks like a large pedestal mirror but it's chalk board instead of a mirror (was that worst analogy ever or what!?!).

**Theeee Best News Ever**
I was contacted by the sweetest Etsy shopper awhile back last fall about possibly placing a wholesale order. Well...she got back in touch w/me Fri. & placed her order!! Yippeee!!! I will link her shop as soon as her website is up and running, but the name of her store is The Paper Sparrow & it's located in NY! I am so stink'n excited about this venture! She is an amazingly talented crafter herself & she's promoting mostly (all??) handmade goodies in her shop. Her doors open at the end of the month (fingers crossed)! I'll give you all better info on the location & details when I get it from her. (or, could just comment some info in this post!)

What were you cheeky monkees up to this weekend???

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Kate said...

Wow, um, I'm a little behind on posting, eh? Sorry about that. Thanks for the plug! Not sure if you've heard the update on the shop opening...I've been ranting in my blog. I'll be open sometime in March and the website, well, that'll be up and running when my husband decides it's time to put down the Playstation controller and get to work!