Monday, October 1, 2007

To Market to Market She Goes

Yes ladies & gents & (cheeky monkees)....I have survived my first ever outdoors craft market! Yippeeeeee :D Let us peruse my tent shall we....

Tent banner courtesy of Yvette & my it...the colors came out all vintagey looking!

I opted not to attach the sides of the tent because I was too tired to read the destructions (that's what we call instructions in our house!) I will definitely put them up next time as it really defines your "shop" better! & Did I tell y'all I got this tent at Sams club for $150 & it literally goes up & down in less than 5 minutes! Love it!

See...doesn't this side look better with the side down (from my neighbors tent)??!!

& last but certainly not least ...our fearless leader Mary Katherine :D She is definitely owning the Vintage/Western theme! So wonderful to finally meet her in person. My next door neighbor ;) @ this event was Monica Howell who owns a cute bead/jewelry shop in Pittsboro. She kept my mom & I pretty entertained with tales of her living in a log cabin.

All in all...this was a great learning experience....while unfortunately some markets are hit or miss (& we were certainly lacking traffic) ...I do feel like I was completely prepared thanks to the many blogs I've found on prepping for craft shows...the only thing I'd do differently???? My neighbor brought wine & goat cheese while all I brought was protein bars & some trail mix! Thanks for sharing Monica!

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Shell Mitchell said...

Awesome! Looks like a great setup!