Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Bags Are Packed....

....I'm ready to go...I'm leav'n on a jet plane, Don't know when I'll be back again! ...not exactly but....I'm off for my first ever craft show! ...& there really is no jet plane involved but how cool would it be if I had my own jet & it took me all over the world to craft shows??!!!!...yeah, actually borrowing my sisters van ;) The shop is closed & I'll be back with updates ASAP...which won't be very soon (unless I have a huge adrenaline burst when I get home tonight!) as I have a trunk show tomorrow right after church so.....let's say ....sometime in the near future which is probably Mon as (yeah!!!) Tyler will be back in school!

Smooches my cheeky Monkees....have a fabulous weekend !

PS...I'll leave you with a pre-show tidbit: I was supposed to take individually wrapped baked goods to donate to the fundraiser but....I'm not so much the baker as I am the Burner! They are all nicely stuck to the bottom of the baking I guess my mom will be munching on brownie bits all day...there's the adrenaline/caffeine rush I was needing :D

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