Thursday, September 27, 2007

Good Girl Better

Sorry for the lack of posts this week...what with Tyler being sick & at home with me all week & some brand new daily tragedy (yes...I am a bit of a drama queen, but really everyday this week has brought a brand new disaster(more on that later!)) I haven't felt very cute & posty :P

I got an email from vistaprint today thanking me for the positive feedback I gave them on my (one) blog this week! Which leads me to the best disaster of the week...remember how happy I was with the postcard my pops & I made ??? How excited I was (& proud of myself) & how I rush ordered all 500 of them because I desperately needed them for a show this weekend???? Well...I received them & ....they were bad..very bad in fact that you couldn't even read my name on them! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! After crying & sobbing & crying some more (boy did Tyler get an eyeful of his mom having a full out temper tantrum!) ...I went on line & opened up my vistaprint order...sure enough...after hours of "why can't I get this picture in focus & what's up with the resolution & hallelujah I finally fixed it!" eyes must have been failing me when I okayed this postcard to be printed! Bad..very bad good girl! So I called vistaprint & spoke with a nice lady whose name fails me at this time & she very sweetly said "I'm not placing blame here Buuuut...this is not a printing problem but a problem with the file you uploaded :)" My fault...all my fault!!! so I did what any sane single mom about to have her very first craft show & has no postcards would do....I cried & cried & cried some more until dear ms. (I still can't remember her name) said "I'm issuing you a merchandise credit but pleeeeease don't use it to rebuy the postcard unless you change the file first!" She is now my new best friend (if only I could remember her name!) & Vistaprint customer service rocks my face off! I ordered the older version (read : not messed up!) postcard & while it won't be here for this weekend it will be here before the Southern Pines show! Hooray!

In other events...the boy is much better & went to his Tai Kwon Do practice this tonight....

Putt'em Up!

I was trying to be all professional photographer here(which y'all know I am sooo not!) But that is not my point...This is: why is the kid behind Tyler holding his breath? Did T let one rip mid kick??? :)
Ahhh, the stand off...

Just a little action shot for you cheeky monkees! Supposedly they will be breaking boards w/in a month...I'm not holding my breath because ...well, most of the time the kids mess up there right foot with there left...let alone break a board! We'll see..most of my time spent there is watching the men in the other room practice Ju Jits Su (sp???) Just a little bit distracting ;) I'd post pics but...*sigh* my batteries died! Maybe next time.....

I'll be back soon with updates from my *First Ever Craft Show*! Say a prayer for me :)

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