Monday, September 3, 2007

Laboring on Labor Day

Just in case anyone was wondering what little 'ol me has been up to all of this lovely holiday weekend ....check out these new pretties :D They are just sooo freak'n yummy I can't stand it! Kinda hard to tell in the pictures (love my professional photography skills... I do however have a skill set that doesn't involve taking photos or making baubles...for instance...say,burning $20 worth of fish for dinner Sunday night ! I swear I really can cook...too hot oil plus being interrupted by one ex-fiance bearing gifts to that child o'mine in the form of a turtle ...the gift that is , my son is not a turtle ='s burnt dinner) ...what in the world was my point????....Oh yes, I can't take pics in focus! Wonderfully unhelpful (craptastic even) when I"m trying to share the details of my newest earrings to my cheeky monkees here in bloggyville! Let's try again shall we? yes, we shall ...that's called a rhetorical question my friends ;) So a little bit more detail in this pic....

See all the blingy Swarovski crystals? & the rhinestone earposts? Dang I hope I'm better equipped at taking pics this week as I did want to list them in the shop :(

In other news for this week...
Newsworthy News:
I found out that the little blurb about my last trunk show may end up being a whole page in the magazine! Can't wait to see it!

...and in other news...Tyler (the boy who is not a turtle but now has one) has ...& I quote, "put the things where they was, where they wasn't!" & in English I believe that translates into ...he cleaned his room & also rearranged his toys... ie:where they wasn't ! I love that little stinker :D ...I'm tuckered out from all this excitement over jewelry, clean rooms ....whooeeeee, just can't stand it ;) hope you all had a lovely Labor Day & didn't labor too much!

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KJ said...

Love it!

They look like earrings my little fairy girls would wear! I like the blue ones the best, I think.