Friday, August 31, 2007


Well...I've been tagged to share 6 weird things about myself & as I am hurting for anything else to blog about here it goes....

1. Every morning I drink approximately 6 cups of Starbucks coffee & then spend the remainder of the day wondering why I feel so very very off! EVERY DAY ! You'd think I'd learn...alas..not so much!

2.I blow my nose CONSTANTLY! No...I don't snort coke ...just obsessive compulsive...please don't judge me :D

3.I very randomly started collecting all things "bird" but it is a very specific sort of consumption...chickens & ducks do not count as birds....neither do parrots, humming birds,crows,hawks,eagles,geese... I am partial to the titmouse bird :D

4.I can sing a few verses from virtually any song from the 60's & 70's & yet have no clue what is on the radio now...& I wasn't alive then!(In the 60/70's I mean...very bad communication skills this evening)

5.I very rarely call Tyler "Tyler" unless I'm writing....but I have a gagillion made up names for my boy: The Boy,Bose,Batman,T Buckle,Pooke,T Biscuit...I could go on but let's just say he's lucky he actually knows & can spell his name!

6.My dearest friend Yvette has one of those phones where you can program pictures to come up for when different people call...well, whenever I call her a picture of a big bald black man comes up! Maybe that actually makes her weird! :D

....enough about me....check your blogs I have to tag 6 people to share 6 weird things....hahahah! I have a feeling no one will play along ...not sure why I felt led to play along either !?!

Happy Labor Day my cheeky monkees!

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