Saturday, September 8, 2007

Name That Necklace

I love all things fall...& winter...yummy layers, autumn hues falling from the trees, log fires...this necklace encompasses all that...oh, except not so much the whole fire thing...unless of course you took a torch to it...please don't, I'm rather fond of this newbie :D

...I'm sure there's a point here somewhere! Oh yes....fall newness in the shop :D Hooray...You can't find this necklace in the shop yet as she hasn't a name :(

So...(drum roll please) I now formally announce a contest....the person who gives this fall beauty a suitable name (& by suitable I mean fall'ish & whimsical & a name that I fall in love with) will win ....I don't know what you want because alas, I'm a jewelry designer & not a mind reader...hmmm...yes, I am a mind want $15 bucks off your next purchase ! Yes I love a good coupon! So leave me a comment with your suggestion & perhaps an explanation & maybe your favorite vegetable & definitely some info as to how to get in touch with you if you are the winningest winner of all!

So, let's sum up this post...I love fall, it's not cold yet (did I mention that?) & a contest to win a coupon by naming my necklace :D Happy Sat. night cheeky monkees!

1 comment:

The Noisy Plume said...

"Is That Frost On Your D├ęcolletage Or Simply The Chill In This Fine Fall Air?"
(this one may be too long)

"Sweep of Fall Flame"
(this one might be too boring)

"It's Getting A Bit Too Late In The Season To Be Licking Flagpoles In The Morning"
(too complex)

"I Said Fall And The Leaves Dropped To The Forest Floor"

Do I win by default?

As you can see, I like my names to be essays. Hope you don't mind.

Your baubles look tasty. I will be back for more looks.