Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hickies & Cheese

...they go to together like....well, like ....I have no clue! First things first...Tyler came home from school with a big 'ol red bloody looking welt on his arm! I freaked out (nobody hurts my baby!) until he said he did it to HOW one might ask...????
Tyler:"it doesn't hurt."
Moi: "please tell me what happened...did someone (gasp) hurt you?"
Tyler: " I did it."
Moi : "" (what the h*ll!)
Tyler:"I was smacking this (demonstrating some strange form of self flagellation!)" (eyes rolling)
Moi: "yeah... not so much, what really happened!" (it looked like all the blood was raised to the surface but not actually bleeding ...yuck!)
Tyler: " was like I was kinda kissing it but mostly just you know...sucking it & then it looked like this." (giving me his : I'm not in trouble, am I look!)
Moi: (looking stern & trying not to laugh) "you are NEVER to do that again!"

...yeah, so... my kid knows how to give KINDERGARTEN!! out girls, apparently he's practicing early (what a self-starter! ) & just for the record ...he DID NOT learn this from me! The girl he was sitting next to in class did it to her arm & showed him how!

& now my cheeky monkees ...for a little cheese...

I could not get him to smile for anything! He's such a ham! ...I'm off to bed, drained as usual :D

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mary beth said...

Oh my, that is hillarious!!