Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Let's Give the Girl a Hand

I picked up this happy ceramic hand at Z Gallery today while out on a little excursion with my mom . It's been very handy (haha) to take pictures with! Which brings me to the reason of this much overdue post ...Huge Shop Update Coming ...see, I HAVE been working ;)... Check out the shop tomorrow night (or right this very second as I did post a few new goodies tonight) & see all the new fall'ish goodies! Yes...I'm dreaming of fall as I suffer from a heat stroke (heat index of 110 today!) & enter the steamy sauna of hell every time I open the front door! I love a good free steam bath :D ...where was I??? Oh yes, the new line is warm & yummy & makes me want to curl up in front of a fire...well, except that it's so hot out I might have to run naked screaming through my neighborhood if I did start up the furnace (why yes, I am a bit of the drama queen, not sure why I had to be naked & screaming but it just feels so right)! ... The necklace pictured is the fall version of sugar & spice, warmed up with bark brown Jasper, rich red coral flowers & butterscotch leaves. I LOVE fall!! I'm off to bed now to dream of breezes & autumn goodness. Hope you cheeky monkees all have a cooled off Thursday! See you tomorrow night in the shop :D

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