Thursday, August 9, 2007

Finally Done

Wow, that took a ridiculously long time but the shop updates are complete! ...or at least up to date until tomorrow when I make more goodies with the beads I got in the mail today :D I also started a new sale : 20% off the Summer Sale section. Check out & wait for a revised invoice before paying! Here's a little bit of my new goodies I added today...

well cheeky monkees, check out the shop for more newness for me, I'm wiped out... it's too's "disgustling" as T says ! Must go to bed with the fan on warp speed & ac on arctic! I just remembered though, I had a brownie & 2 cups of coffee at around 8'ish while at a delightful Usborne Book party & will probably never ever sleep from all the caffeine ...bummer! Guess I'll be paying the price for my indulgences :D

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