Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Conserve cotton...wear fur

Not sure what the point of this post was but I thought you all could use a big bear hug :D !

***bear hug/rug courtesy of my grandfather & his hunting rifle :D

...& let's not forget a big shout out for the models, my son & niece who bravely faced the scary lifelike once alive & now dead bear rug complete with an open mouth & HUGE teeth! Man this thing used to scare the be-jezus out of me when I was a kid.Thank you Grandpa...no no thank you!


capello said...

dude, it scares the bejesus out of me now!

Jeannie said...

Are you Joanna? :) You posted on Emily's blog, mentioning that adorable brooch! Here's the link to her entry about it and ultimately, where you can find it, too!

Good luck!

Jeannie said...

Johanna* Oops, I apologize.