Friday, July 20, 2007

It's About Time's about time I did some work ;) The little beauty on the left is my latest reworked vintage love love her! Made from some of the goodies that Yvette sent!
...and also a cute lampwork birdie (new) & vintage brooch pieces from the flea market. Did I mention I love her???

This other goodie is my creation from tonight...Huge Turquoise flat circle "vase" with a vintage copper & calcite flower perched inside. Very pleased with how she turned out.

So my cheeky monkees as you can see I have been working (as opposed to playing at the pool all day)...however, this is mostly due to the fact that my parents (bravely) took Tyler & my niece on an 11hr road trip to visit my grandparents in Ohio. Brave brave souls they are!!! I miss my boy terribly ....feel as though I'm missing my arm or something! Also feeling rather lonely ....& helpless (he managed to puke 3 times on the road trip!) Poor batman! Anyway...apparently loneliness is conducive to work so check out the shop in the next few days ...I'm sure to be trying to keep myself busy!

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