Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Goodies :)

Wow...I was about to walk out the door & head off to Goodwill for an adventure in search of goodies. Opened the door to the mailman delivering me these trinkets & treasures! Didn't know Goodwill delivered ;) Thank you my dear sweetest friend Yvette! Seems like there will be quite a bit of work in my future. Took me 2 hours to sort through all of it ...lovely vintage beads & enamel floral brooches...little bits of this & that ...tons of enamel vintage clip on creative juices are in overdrive just thinking about the possibilities! I don't even know where to begin. I am so lucky to have such thoughtful friends...perhaps I'll make her a little smackering of something. other news, I did finally get Tyler's hair cut ! See.... He cleans up pretty well :) How handsome! Love the blank stare!
Isn't Lucia a doll :) My sis brought her & and my nephew over this afternoon so I got to love on the gang. Believe it or not (you can't tell from that blank look!) but he did ask to hold his cousin Cita :) Well cheeky monks I'm off to create...Oh, one more thing...lots of new goodies in the shop this week...more to come!

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