Monday, July 23, 2007

Give Away Day...

Good morning my cheeky it is Mon. again & the week of The Dog Days of Summer Give Away

So...for my lovely give away this week I believe I will be making a summery pair of earrings for the winner, customized to her favorite color (or as best as I can do!). How do I win you're asking???? Umm...good question :D All you have to do is post me comments this week (perhaps some sympathy for me while I'm missing the boy, who by the way called bright & early this morning to inform me that his New Grandma (his great grandma!) is taking him to Walmart to by him a toy & won't I please buy him something while he's gone because" don't you miss me mommy???"& then informed me that "nobody knows" when they're coming home ;( least I have been productive, even sold a few things this weekend:D (thank you Yvette!) & here I am looking forward to making something for little 'ol YOU! So make me laugh (or cry), leave a comment & friday I will announce the winner...oh & please leave your email adr so I can get back to you if you do indeed win!

Have a lovely week full of flowers & laughter & love :D


Girls Beaded Socks said...

Cute Jewelry. Love your shop name!

KJ said...

know, first who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly. -epictetus

This is the second time in two days I've seen that quote and I'd never heard it before! I LOVE it but I'm not sure if the universe is trying to tell me that I need to figure out who I am OR that I need to dress better -- since most of my wardrobe is paint-spattered these days, but I'm pretty sure of myself -- it's PROBABLY the latter.

Or maybe it's just saying I need a pair of snazzy new earrings?

Just so you know -- I WAS planning to comment about the quote even before I knew about the contest! But your jewelry is so cute, whoever the winner is, she's very lucky.

Since I stopped working in "the real world" I don't wear much jewelry -- and wasn't even sure if my piercings had closed up. This post prompted me to slip in a pair of hoops just to check -- and they haven't! Whoo!

Have a super Wednesday!

Ooh, my e-mail address is kj (at)

Anonymous said...

I bought a necklace from you and am looking forward to it...also saw that new necklace and am drooling about now! hehe! Love your're one of my faves on ETSY!!
vitahoyles at

Good Girls Studio said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments to see who the winner is :D