Friday, July 27, 2007

And the winner is...

...thank you all for your lovely comments this week. The winner was supposed to be randomly picked by Tyler but this is how the conversation went ! :

Me: Tyler, pick a number between 1 & 3
Tyler: 6
ME: No, a number between 1 & 3, you know, 1,2, or3 (raising voice)
Tyler: 1,2,3
Me: You are not getting it...pick ONE of these numbers 1,2, or3 (she sighs!)
Tyler: I give up...what's the answer? (frustrated)

So...we very scientifically drew a number from the hat ....and the winner is number 2, KJ ! Hooray for KJ :D I'll be emailing you shortly & getting a color preference & whipping you up a lovely pair earrings.


KJ said...

A ha ha ha!

LOVE it! The behind-the-scenesness of how I become to be the prizewinner is almost like a second prize, in itself!

SO funny & cute.

"What's the answer?!"

Good Girls Studio said...

...what was the question again ;) Hilarious ..he's
actually throwing a temper tantrum right now..perhaps
it's bedtime! Anywho...I mailed out your pretty
today...I'd love to know what you think of it. &
also, the answer is 12 :D