Monday, June 11, 2007


I got accepted to be in the first ever NC Etsy Craft Patch Market in Charlotte in Oct. Yeah me :) ...Ok, enough about me ... or not, one more update : I'm working on some new designs so check out the shop later this week ;) ...Not much else happening around here, just a little Nok Hockey tournament w/the black eyes but I must say I'm a poor sport, couldn't score a point to save my life. Whenever I was in control (haha) of the puck,Tyler would lay down w/his hands behind his head & just smirk watching me miss over & over & over & over again! I'm ashamed to say that I did resort to cheating (he busted me every time!) by covering up his goal zone & he still won! Hilarious... Cheaters never prosper :) Well, I'm off to go tuck the champ in bed ...tahtah

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