Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What Do You Do?

Thought I'd share a little of what we've been up to lately...let's browse through my days shall we!
Saturday we did a little of this:
Great Form T ...dive in diver Then we shared a little love !Here's a few pics of the glass pendant I told you cheeky monkees about, sorry you won't see her in the shop...I can't seem to let her go! "Wishes To fly...can you??"
"Some days" is her sweet reply ;)

What you might ask does she do when she's not designing jewelry or playing with her son??? The answer my friend blow'n in the wind ...I'm in a singer song writer mood lately:) ... Now where was I , oh yes, she refurbishes old furniture ....check out this new/old beauty....
Can you see the bird obsession taking a new form ??!!!
Well my friends... received lots of goodies in the mail today, even made a sweet necklace w/one of those Holly Hobby charms ...I just realized that the entire necklace is made w/items I bought off etsy ! Now I have to show you 'cuz she's so stink'n cute :
you'll find her in the shop later tonight if I get myself in gear ! Tata for now , I won't bombard you with any more photo montages ...hope you have a lovely evening

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