Sunday, June 10, 2007

Holy Guacmole

While I do love me some guacamole this little insight into my life is not about the mushy green goodness. It's about bloodshed on an otherwise peaceful afternoon! Don't worry ...we're ok but I can't speak for the birds! It was not so much a serene Sunday as ...well, nature can be messy! I was very peacefully sitting on my porch this afternoon & saw a mommy cat laying in the sun w/her two little kittens nursing... so very earthy & wonderful... I go inside & tell Tyler to look out the window to see the cats. He wants to go out on the porch for a closer look ...out we go , only to have the complete misfortune of seeing said wonderful earthy cats pounce on the lovely blue jay (none other than the one that I have my morning coffee with) & ...well... let's just say nature had it's way! Momma cat took off in one direction w/the body & one of the babies ran off w/the head...all the while Tyler is screaming "hey you mean cats that's our bird!" Rather traumatizing to me & boy were the other birds pissed off ! There was bird convention after that ...followed by a short memorial...Tyler took it rather well, threw some chips off the balcony because "maybe if I feed them these they will leave our birdies alone!" Well...aside from that excitement the rest of my news seems rather boring :)

Just a few little extra weekend news tidbits:
*You can see the floor of the boys' room again!
*We caught 3 lightening bugs Sat. night & them promptly let them go because "what if they miss their mommies!"
*I made a sterling ring !! First attempt...very crude & elementary but I did it & I love it (too bad my camera is on the fritz or you'd be seeing it here!) Also managed to burn the crappola out of my fingers(note to self, don't hold the ring w/your hand while soldering!) but I had fun & also soldered some jumprings for a pendant & made a delightful art glass collage pendant w/a bird cutout that I might let you take a peak at but it's mine all mine :)

Well my cheeky monkees I'm off to catch some much needed beauty sleep...all this excitement has me tuckered out!

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