Monday, June 25, 2007

Lucy in the sky w/diamonds :)

well my cheeky monkees...another Good Girl has joined the sister had a beautiful baby girl last Tues. night (which would be the reason for the lack of postings!)! Hooray for my niece Lucia! I love her...she is perfect & has that wonderful new baby smell...they need to bottle that scent & sell it to women whose time clocks are a tick'n! My poor sis woke up w/contractions around 1:ooam , booked it the hospital & had her at about 3:30am! No time for drugs, one push & according to her she "had that baby freestyle"! Hilarious! She has joined a new club of moms...natural birth...she's practically a hippy ;) ...we took a ton of pics ,I won't bombard you w/them all but I had to include this pic of Tyler & his new cousin. He was nervous to hold her but desperately wanted to ...said she looked like an angel (he's a ladies man that boy of mine!). Anyway...notice the busted lip (faceplant off the skateboard), fading tatoos & shaggy hair do...he's such a hottie ;) I have since forced him to get a haircut & wash off the tat remanents!

oh, one more pic...this is what I was working on tonight...very happy w/the way it turned out...I had no idea I was making a vine of blueberries ;) I surprise myself all the time. Start out making one thing & it just morphs into something else...oh well, it must have been there all along!

You'll find her in the shop later this week. mmmmmm blueberry pie sounds good right now...too bad it's time to tuck in the boy for the night . 'night'night

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Anonymous said...

The blueberry earrings are mine - don't even bother putting them on your site. Or put them on but say, "Too bad" - if you had read my blog, they could have been yours!"

yo mama loves u